Car Mechanical Garage Simulator Mod Apk 1.8 (Unlock)

Car Mechanical Garage Simulator Mod Apk 1.8 – Do you play car tuning, fixing, builder, drifting video games? Want cars? Want simulators? Interested in automotive mechanics? Do you enjoy troubleshooting and repairing mechanical problems? Are you fascinated by car engines and how they work? If you answer “YES”, you can be in the right place. Automotive Mechanic Simulator 21 is the right rest for you. Discover popular cars in previous warehouses or on orders. Replace the engine, brakes, exhaust, gearbox and suspension. Look at the car on the monitor. Remove dirt and rust from the filler and repaint the car.
Encourage restored cars and become the last word mechanic! Pimp cars.

Ever wanted to drive an Automotive Mechanic Storage? Play now, stay like a dump magnate. People take their cars to your car depot and it is important to deal with Car Restoration, Car Restoration, Landfill Car Repair. Completely different assortments with completely different tasks such as portrait, scratch removal and car wash. Repair the engine in this Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator and much more.

You start out as a brand new car mechanic, go to the store, and get some oil, paint, and tires in your car depot. The first car comes to change the oil, gets in the car, parking in the oil change part of the car depot. Open the hood of the car, unscrew the engine, add oil, close the screw, cover the dump truck. The car mechanically completed your first process. The next person comes to wash the car, get in the car and take it to the car wash, press the button to clean the car, then push forward and press the button to maneuver the wheels to rub the car from the sides, then from above. this is Junkyard Tycoon Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator.

The next receiver comes to the car depot to test the acceleration, enters the car, goes to the acceleration test ramp, gets out of the car, goes to the car to test, press and hold the button until the rod is full, then repeat 4 gears. Now it is important to restore the car of the dump trucks and repair the physical structure of the car, to eliminate bends. Start by moving the car to the bite area of ​​the car’s mechanical storage, select the suction machine, then place it in the hole, then the button will appear, hold it urgently until the bending is removed and the car’s recovery is complete. After completing the restoration of the car, repair the bent area according to the description, choose the right paint, go to the car and paint the areas in this Junkyard Tycoon Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator that have been proven to belong to the dump truck. Now comes with an individual damaged engine. Get in the car, go to the engine area of ​​the car mechanic’s warehouse, open the hood, use the lifting machine to remove the car’s engine, and place the car on the table to recover, then select a screwdriver and remove the nuts and replace with new ones to finish. car restoration. Change the wheels, take the car downhill, press the button and the car hits uphill, now select the upper key, go to the first wheel and press the button to take all 4 nuts, then remove the tire and put it on the table in the car mechanic, go somewhere else with new wheels , select it and go to the car, put the tire and select the screws and put the tire, repeat for two wheels on each side. Finally, a very bad car arrived, complete the car’s bite, description, and car wash in this Junkyard Tycoon Automotive Grasp Mechanic Simulator to fully restore the car and restore the car.

So what are you ready for? DOWNLOAD NOW! Play Car Mechanic Simulator to experience life as a car mechanic and dump magnate: Junkyard Automotive Restore Sport.

Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game Features:

• Simple and easy Controls.
• Sensible Automotive mechanical storage
• High quality cars and recovery tools
• Spectacular 3D graphics.
• Addictive game

Let’s see what you need to do to live as a car mechanic in “Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game”: Enjoy the probably most anticipated Car Mechanic holiday of 2021!

Features of Mod Apk

  • Unlock the game

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